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Are you searching for a van or a truck available for contract hire for your business? Here at Rathcoole Commercial we provide high-quality vehicle rental service, offering various makes and models of commercial vehicles to suit your needs. Our contract hire vehicles are available for between 1 and 5-year terms, with flexible contracts to suit every business with all monthly costs listed upfront.

As well as our vehicle contract hire, we also provide a range of other commercial vehicle services including CVR Testing, Vehicle Repairs, Vehicle Servicing, Tachographs, and Inspections. To learn more about vehicle contract hire at Rathcoole Commercial, keep reading and make sure to visit our website for further information.

What is Contract Hire?

Contract hire is one of the most common forms of a lease agreement for vehicle hire, and is where you pay a set monthly fee to hire out a vehicle for your use. Contract hires are usually available between certain terms, for example, 1 to 5 year terms. Contract hiring a vehicle may include the company taking care of the vehicle’s servicing, road tax, maintenance, and more.

Once your contract is over, all you need to do is hand the vehicle back to the company you have hired it from. Contract hire provides you with all of the benefits of having a vehicle but not having to handle any of the maintenance and servicing of it yourself, all for an affordable cost.

Vehicle Contract Hire at Rathcoole Commercial

We provide a high-quality vehicle rental service – providing various makes and models of commercial vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you are searching for a small truck or a larger van then we are sure to have a vehicle to suit your needs. As a dedicated van and truck rental business, we will provide you with vehicles that are maintained to an excellent standard, and are available at any time.

Hiring vans and trucks for business purposes on a medium to long-term basis is an increasing trend in Ireland, as companies aim to reduce risk, and costs, and avoid having large sums of money tied up. By utilising contract hire for your vehicle, it will make it classified as an expense rather than a depreciating asset.

Contract Hire Between 1 and 5 Year Terms

We provide vehicles for contract hire between 1 and 5-year terms, which includes the following benefits for you as the driver; road tax, servicing, maintenance, car test certification, and replacement vehicles during breakdown repair. We have flexible contracts to suit any business, and we provide you with certainty on your monthly costs.

All repairs and maintenance of our vehicles are carried out in our award-winning workshop or through our network of service partners. We also have our very own in-house CVRT centre, so you can ensure that your vehicle is in the best standard possible and is roadworthy. We operate a 24/7 support service so we are always there when and where you need us.

Contact Rathcoole Commercial Today

If you would like to receive a quote for the contract hire of a van or truck for your business, please contact our team today. You can send us an email directly to to receive an estimate for your vehicle rental needs. We also welcome you to give us a call to speak with a member of our team directly, on 01 4016840.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding our vehicle contract hire, our team are always available and are happy to help. To learn more about vehicle contract hire here at Rathcoole Commercial, visit our website today.