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Are you looking for more information on HGV tachographs? Today our team here at Rathcoole Commercial are here to tell you everything that you need to know about HGV tachographs, so that you can be fully prepared if your vehicle requires one. Rathcoole Commercial are a commercial vehicle testing centre, offering a wide range of services to our customers including tachographs, vehicle rental, servicing, maintenance, and CVR testing.

We are an NSAI approved tachograph centre – offering competitive prices for the fitting and calibration of digital and analogue tachographs. We provide an express service for our tachographs, and can carry them out whilst you wait. If you’d like to learn more about our HGV tachographs, keep reading and make sure to visit our website for further information on our HGV tachographs.

What is a HGV Tacograph?

A tachograph is a digital device that ensures that all driving activity is recorded, and is used to ensure that all drivers adhere to the laws on drivers hours, and is inserted into your vehicle. Tachographs are done to ensure that roads are safe for all drivers, and they are fitted to your vehicle and automatically record when your vehicle is in motion. There are two types of tachographs; analogue and digital, with digital tachographs being the most commonly used.

What Does a Tachograph Record?

A tachograph will record driver’s activity, distance travelled, whether it is a single or co-driver, the date, events that took place, speed, any tampering with the system, and any enforcement checks. If the goods vehicle that you drive comes under EU or AETR rules – you must have a tachograph fitted to your vehicle.

A digital tachograph unit is about the size of a car radio – and includes two digital smart card readers, one manual entry selector, a display screen and a printer. They are connected to your gearbox and motion sensors to be able to accurately record your vehicles data, and can store it for around 12 months.

HGV Tachographs at Rathcoole Commercial

We hope that this post has helped you understand a bit more about HGV tachographs. Here at Rathcoole Commercial, we specialise in providing HGV tachographs to our commercial vehicle drivers, to ensure that they are following drivers laws. We are an NSAI approved tachograph centre, and we offer competitive prices for the fitting of our tachographs. We are able to fit both digital and analogue tachographs depending on your needs.

We provide an express service for our tachographs – we can do them whilst you wait, meaning that there will be less time for your HGV vehicle to be off the road. We provide our drivers with a Continental Siemens VDO of their tachograph, and also specialise in VDO, Econocruise, and Groenveld speed limiters. If you would like to book your HGV tachograph with Rathcoole Commercial, contact our team today.

Book Your HGV Tachograph with Rathcoole Commercial

If you’d like to book your HGV tachograph with Rathcoole Commercial for your commercial vehicle, you can contact us today. To reach our team you can give us a call on 01-401 6840, or send us an email directly to

Do you have any questions for our team about our HGV tachographs, or any of the other services that we offer? Contact us today. Our expert technical team are always available to help and provide you with any information that you may need. To learn more about our HGV tachographs at Rathcoole Commercial, visit our website today.