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Rathcoole Commercial, Jan 24, 2017

professional photo of cvrt tester
Vans, trucks and buses all need to be serviced on a regular basis, but there’s a lot more to ensuring that they’re up to legal standard than leaving them into your local test centre every now and then. An official series of tests need to be taken to ensure that Irish roads are safe. A licensed […]

Rathcoole Commercial, Dec 07, 2016

Everything need know CVRT
If you are responsible for the care of a commercial vehicle such as a truck, van or bus, then you need to undergo a CVRT test on a regular basis. While it can seem difficult to work into your busy schedule, it is worth remembering that it is for your own benefit in the long […]

Rathcoole Commercial, Dec 01, 2016

Commercial Vehicle Safety Tips
Keeping a regular inspection schedule for your commercial vehicles is important for your business. By ensuring that they’re in good condition, you can help to limit commercial vehicle repair and maintenance costs. You can also get better value for them when it is time to trade in or sell. What’s more, in the run up […]

Rathcoole Commercial, Oct 17, 2016

How to pass CVRT test
You can view our guide on how to pass the CVRT test on the booking page. In many instances, there are some simple solutions to avoiding mistakes that could force your vehicle to undergo a retest. On top of this though, you should also be aware of the most common areas a truck, van or […]