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CVRT Testing

An Introduction to CVR Testing

By April 19, 2023June 1st, 2023No Comments

If you own or drive a commercial vehicle, then you’ve probably aware of CVR testing – but you might not be sure what it is, or why it’s so important. No matter what industry you work in; whether it’s delivery, retail, logistics, or manufacturing – if you drive a commercial vehicle on Irish roads then you will need to have an annual CVR test. They’re mandatory to ensure that your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road, and also provide you as the vehicle owner or driver with a range of benefits including saving money on repairs and better efficiency.

We have put together a complete guide to CVR testing and outline everything that you need to know. Rathcoole Commercial is one of Ireland’s largest CVR testing centres, providing affordable CVR tests for commercial vehicles as well as a wide range of other servicing and testing solutions. To learn more, keep reading and for further information on our CVR tests, please visit our website today.

What is a CVR Test?

A CVR test – also known as a CVRT – is an annual test that is required by those who drive commercial vehicles on Irish roads. CVR stands for ‘commercial vehicle roadworthiness’, and is a test that ensures that your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. After your CVR test, you receive a certificate of road worthiness, which provides you with proof that your vehicle has met the requirements of basic safety standards as required by the law.

What is Checked During a CVR Test?

During a CVR test, there will be a set checklist of the areas of your commercial vehicle that will be inspected. All of the areas that will be checked are accessible and visible on your vehicle. This includes checking aspects such as your brakes, steering, lights and suspension and other components that need to be operating correctly for your vehicle to be roadworthy.

How Often Should you Have a CVR Test?

CVR legislation states that all commercial vehicles must have a CVR test once they are over one year old, and annually after that. If you drive without a valid CVR test, or with a failed CVR then it is an offence and can lead to penalty points, fines, sanctions and your vehicle being taken off of the road.

Saves You Time, Costs and Ensures Safety

As well as CVR tests being legal requirements, they also provide commercial vehicle drivers with a wide range of benefits.

By having an annual CVR test, you will be improving the efficiency of your vehicle and ensuring that it is functioning optimally. It also ensures that there are no hidden issues or problems with your commercial vehicle, that could then lead to costly and time-consuming repairs. CVR tests also ensure that your vehicle doesn’t have to face any down-time due to lengthy repairs that it might need if it isn’t annually tested. It can also save you costs, by ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t need repairs and even by reducing fuel consumption.

Looking to Book your CVR Test?

We hope that we have given you the information needed about CVR tests and answered any questions that you might have about them. If you’re looking to book your CVR test in Dublin, then why not visit us at Rathcoole Commercial?

Rathcoole Commercial is one of the largest CVR testing centres in Ireland, open from 7am to 11pm Monday to Friday – ensuring you can always reach us at your convenience. We provide CVR tests for both LGVs and HGVs, so no matter whether you have a van or jeep, a mini bus, a large bus, a truck, a tractor, or a trailer you can visit us for your CVR test. At Rathcoole Commercial we provide 12-week inspections, for the consistent cover of your commercial vehicle.

Our large CVR testing centre is centrally located making it convenient for you to visit us no matter where you are, close to the N7 and M50. Our extended opening hours make it easy for you to book an appointment with us too. Our team has a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge when performing CVR tests.

If you’d like to book your CVR test in Dublin at Rathcoole Commercial, visit our website and use our simple and easy-to-use booking tool to choose an appointment time that suits you best. Our CVR tests are priced affordably also, offering you excellent value for money.