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At Rathcoole Commercial, we know it can be difficult to remember exactly when your Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test  (CVRT) is due, particularly if you are managing multiple vehicles. That is why we love the RSA’s CVRT checker which helps keep everyone on track.

About the CVRT Test

Keeping your commercial vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition is important for the well-being of everyone on the road. The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and compliance of commercial vehicles. Note the CVRT test was previously known as the DOE test and often these terms are used interchangeably. The CVRT (DOE test) is your vehicle’s best friend when it comes to road safety. This mandatory examination is designed to assess the condition and safety of commercial vehicles in Ireland. By conducting the CVRT, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) aims to make our roads safer, reduce accidents, and protect everyone on the go

Checking Your Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW) using the CVRT Checker

When your vehicle passes the CVRT, it receives a CRW, which proves it has undergone the necessary inspection and is roadworthy. The CRW includes essential details such as your vehicle’s registration number, issue date, expiry date, and the test centre’s address.

Checking your CRW has never been easier. The CVRT checker provided by the RSA gives you quick and easy access to when your DOE is due. Simply visit the user-friendly CVRT checker tool and enter your vehicle’s registration number. You can now access important information about your CRW, including its expiration date. This handy tool allows you to stay on top of your vehicle’s roadworthiness and plan ahead for renewals.

For more detailed information about the CVRT Test, the RSA website is your go-to resource. Here are some helpful links to explore:

CVRT Test Centres Dublin

When it’s time to book your DOE Test, look no further than the customer-friendly Rathcoole Commercial CVRT Test Centre. We are one of the biggest DOE Test Centres in Dublin, we offer a fast and efficient service 7am-11pm, Monday to Friday. At Rathcoole Commercial, our skilled and certified inspectors will provide you with accurate results and valuable insights into your vehicle’s condition.

You can book you test easily online and a time convenient to you by clicking on the links below. This will bring you to the CVRT Booking Portal. Remember we are open extended open hours and usually have quick availability.

We hope to see you soon at Rathcoole Commercial.