Your one-stop shop for commercial vehicle services

Always knowing where to turn can save you a lot of hassle for commercial vehicle services. Whether you run a single vehicle or a fleet, knowing you have a reliable partner with convenient hours can save you wasting time and money.

Our experienced team and extensive facilities provide you with everything you need to minimise any downtime, keep your costs down and stay compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. Our customers are mainly long-standing, which allows a rapport and understanding to be built that gives us an insight into your needs. This allows us to consistently provide what you need to a level that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Commercial vehicle services we provide

We provide a wide range of commercial vehicle services. Below are the main services we provide on a regular basis, but being independent gives us a lot more flexibility, so never be afraid to ask if you’re unsure.

CVRT Testing

As Ireland’s largest CVRT test centre, we’re used to working closely with our customers to make their experience as seamless as possible. We understand the importance of every hour when your vehicle is off the road. We take this responsibility seriously and always endeavour to be as prepared as possible when performing any of our commercial vehicle services.

While the CVRT is a standardised test using specialised equipment, there are many basic preparations you can keep on top of to ensure a smoother experience. Items like lighting and electrics, engine fluid levels, tyres, suspension and brakes are all ongoing items you can keep an eye on. Being aware of any issues in advance could save you time and money.

As part of our commercial vehicle services we also offer a pre-test to check your vehicles condition before a CVRT test is carried out. This can provide extra peace of mind if you foresee any problems. If a re-test is required, then you will have 21 days from the date of the failure to get it carried out. A re-test that only requires a visual inspection is free of charge, however, if we need to use equipment the re-test will be half the price of the original test.

Repair and service

There are several good reasons our customers choose us over a main dealer for their commercial vehicle services. We only use the latest and best equipment and technology. Our team are qualified to work on several marques, not just one. We can perform all your routine maintenance and repairs without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. We’ll also look out for any signs of future problems to help you avoid a substantial repair bill in the future.

Another good reason we’re so popular with our customers is our competitive rates. Many sectors of Irish business turn to us whenever they need any commercial vehicle services. This is because they know first-hand, we will try to minimise the dent we make in their bottom line.

Our excellent customer service and communication is matched by the level of convenience we provide. We do everything we can to ensure your vehicle is out of action for the shortest possible time. We also keep in touch with you at every step, so you’re never left in the dark. The aim is to provide the service you need at a time that’s suitable for you.


Fleet management

Juggling your responsibilities can be tricky when you’re running a fleet of vehicles. We can help remove some of the weight from your shoulders by taking over some aspects of your fleet management. We hope this will free up more of your time to concentrate on any things, while having complete peace of mind knowing everything our end will be kept on top of and you’ll always be compliant.

Speak to us if you think we might be able to help you.

Commercial vehicle hire

Blue Fleet Rentals is the best option if you need to hire any type of commercial vehicle for a short or long period. Our reliability is superb, and our easy online booking system makes Blue Fleet Rentals convenient for you, and a great addition to your armoury.

Commercial vehicle sales

If you’re searching for a commercial vehicle in Ireland, then Blue Fleet Rentals have an excellent selection. We offer a variety of sizes and models that you can view online, and just get in touch to arrange a viewing or test drive. When you buy a vehicle from us you always know you’re getting a well-maintained good quality van or truck.

Why a dealer alternative garage is the best choice for commercial vehicle services

The EU block exemption legislation from 2003 is designed to stop main dealers having a monopoly on servicing and parts. This is to prevent them charging extortionate prices you must pay to maintain your warranty. Thankfully, we can legally and safely protect your warranty when we service or repair any vehicle. We strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s requirements.

As an independent dealer alternative garage, we can offer far more convenience than a main dealer. You rarely have to wait long to get your vehicle booked in with us and we can turn your vehicle around faster. All the parts and fluids used are exactly the same quality as a main dealer. Whether you have a Ford, Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen or any other marque, we will offer a more affordable and convenient service.

Professional commercial vehicle partners you can rely on

Everyone, our managing director, receptionist, CVRT testers, HGV and LVC mechanics are all pulling in the same direction. Everybody at Rathcoole is committed to providing the best service in the shortest possible time at a reasonable price.

If you’ve never used us before we want to reassure you that your commercial vehicle is in the safest hands in Ireland. That’s why we encourage you to give us a call to discover the ways we can handle all your commercial vehicle services. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01-9695217, or e-mail us at, we’re always happy to hear from you.