When is your CVRT due?

All commercial vehicles, ambulances and buses with more than 8 seats must have an annual Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT). The first one is due when the vehicles reaches 12 months old, and then annually from then on. You have no choice in this matter. A CVRT is a legal requirement that could cost you dearly if your vehicles are found on the road without it. Don’t leave it to chance – look now to see when you need yours and book it in for 2020.

The idea behind them is to make sure these heavy vehicles are less likely to break down and be safer on our roads. Maintaining these standards is a crucial part of ensuring Ireland’s roads remain as safe as possible.

What is tested as part of the CVRT?

The testers can only check parts that are visible and accessible. It is a good idea to clean your vehicle before its test so that everything is clear for them. You should also empty all personal belongings from your vehicle.

When you take your commercial vehicle for its CVRT, the following items are included in the test, but they are not the only things.

  • The brakes will be checked to ensure they are in proper and safe working order
  • The vehicle’s lights will be tested
  • The wheels will be looked at and so will the tyres to make sure the pressures are within legal limits
  • The steering and suspension will be thoroughly examined
  • The Chassis and underbody will be inspected
  • The tachograph will be tested to ensure it’s working correctly and not giving false information
  • The speed limiter will be examined
  • The level of exhaust emissions will be noted
  • The electrical systems will be checked
  • All glass and mirrors should be in good order as broken ones could cause you a problem with your CVRT

Every time a commercial vehicle is being taken on the road, a walk around check should be carried out. Many of these potential problems are clearly visible. Items like faulty tyres and broken mirrors or lights can be seen on this inspection and should be rectified before the vehicle goes on the road. By the same token, if a driver feels there is something wrong, they should not take the vehicle out and should report the problems they are experiencing.

What are the penalties for failing to have a CVRT?

The penalties for failing to have a CVRT on any of your vehicles that require one is quite severe, and certainly much more than the test will cost you. You can be fined up to 3000 euros and have 5 penalty points added to your licence. In the worst cases, the courts can also impose a prison sentence of up to three months.

It is not worth the risk of having to pay large fines or ending up with a prison sentence. You do not want points added to your licence as that could mean your insurance premiums rise. They try to ensure it’s too costly not to comply with the law. You should keep a record of when your CVRT is due and book it in now for 2020 to ensure you do not miss the deadline.

Preparing your vehicle for Its CVRT

You should ensure your vehicle is properly prepared for its test or the testing station may refuse to carry out the test. You need to check the oil, water and windscreen washers are all topped up. Seats and the cargo area should be free of all personal belongings and tool kits. Seat belts should be visible and in good working order. You should remove the hubcaps from the wheels and make sure the tyres are at the right pressure. All your lights and the registration plates should be clean as well as compliant with current regulations.

Whoever brings the vehicle for its test needs to bring identification with them. This could be their driving licence or passport, but failure to produce ID can result in the pass certificate being refused.

Managing CVRTs for a fleet

If you have a fleet of vehicles, it’s even more important you keep a record of when the CVRTs are all due and get them booked in for 2020. Those 3000-euro fines will soon mount up to a very large amount if you miss the deadline on more than one of your vehicles.

The best way is to have one person responsible for ensuring the vehicles are kept in order, then your drivers will know who to go to if they have a problem. That person can also make sure all the vehicles are prepared and ready to get a pass on the CVRT.  If you have trouble scheduling all your tests and routine maintenance, we can help to manage your fleet. We can provide reminders and schedule appointments whenever one of your vehicles is due a test or service.

Each time one of your vehicles is not on the road it’s costing you money. Having everything such as services, maintenance and CRVT done as and when they are due can help to minimise the effects of them all.

Contacting Irelands largest CVRT test centre

The team at Rathcoole Commercial specialise in looking after commercial vehicles and we are the largest CVRT test centre in Ireland. As well as testing your vehicle, we can also service and repair them for you. Our team are experienced with all makes and types of commercial vehicles, and as a dealer alternative garage, you can have all your needs catered for without concerning yourself about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

This means if you have one commercial vehicle or a fleet of them, we can take care of them all. Why not get in touch and speak with our friendly team? They will answer your questions and ensure your visit to us runs smoothly and your vehicle is off the road for the shortest time possible.

You can call us on 01 9695217, email us at info@rathcoolecommercial.ie or complete our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. However you get in touch, you will not regret contacting us at Rathcoole Commercial.