Van Maintenance Tips For Roadworthiness

Vans are an essential part of many peoples live’s. From the plumber to the electrician, a van serves as a useful tool for storage and a way to get from A to B for people in various professions.

The reliance on vans makes van maintenance crucial to ensure everything remains in working order, to prevent breakdowns and even to increase resale if you are looking to pass your van on to someone else in the long run.

Rathcoole Commercial have compiled a few van maintenance tips together to keep your vehicle roadworthy and help make the roads safer.

Check Your Tyres

One of the first steps in van maintenance should be to check your tyres. Without fully functioning tyres you pose a threat to other road users so keeping them in good working condition is very important.

The extra tools and equipment you store in the back of your van can put a lot of pressure on your tyres, especially at the rear of the van. Checking your tyre pressure regularly can give you the peace of mind that they are safe and working to maximum efficiency.

Please be advised that too much air pressure in your tyres runs the risk of a blow-out, whereas tyre pressure that’s too low results in premature wear and tear.

Look After The Engine

In terms of your engine, there are various things to keep an eye on which you don’t have to be a mechanic to do. Simple tasks like regularly checking the oil in the tank, coolant levels, screen wash levels and air filter condition will only take a few minutes and contribute to the overall health of the engine.

Save a trip to the mechanic and save money by learning how to do these things.

Maintaining the Lights

Another factor to tick off the roadworthiness checklist is maintaining the lights of your vehicle. Lights which are not working correctly are a major hazard for other road users.

You should check all your lights are working, even the indicators. Broken lights are not only dangerous but it is against the law.

Due to the environment van owners may work in they need to particularly look out for any dust or dirt on their lights and clean them. Lights that are dirty have reduced visibility and are less effective.

Enhance the Security

Safety in van maintenance is vital, however, security is equally as important. To maintain your van you want to make it as secure as possible.

With valuable equipment inside your van you use for your trade it would be damaging to your business if they were robbed. Simple steps like dimming your windows to reduce the visibility of your valuables inside can help. Locks and alarms can also be added to increase security.

Commercial Vehicle Service

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