Truck Repair Dublin Helps To Keep The Roads Safe

It does not matter if you own one truck or a fleet of them, they need to be maintained, repaired and pass their CVRT every year. This is the law in Ireland, the goal being to keep our roads safe. A truck repair Dublin could prevent one of your drivers being involved in an accident and becoming one of the statistics.  It does seem to be working too, as in 2018 the number of deaths on roads in Ireland decreased over previous years.

There were still 148 people who lost their lives in road accidents, a drop on the 2017 figure of 156. Although this is not a huge difference, it is in the right direction and shows that the laws regarding road safety in Ireland have started to have an impact.

The time of year seems to make a difference to the number of accidents that happen, possibly because of worse conditions on the roads during the winter months. However, information from the Road Safety Authority shows that in 2018 April had the most deaths at 17, and the following month May had the lowest number at 5, so this might not be the case.

Some days of the week appear to be safer than others with Sunday being the most dangerous day, followed by Tuesday and then Monday.

A Truck Repair Dublin Could Keep You Within The Law

If one of your vehicles needs a truck repair Dublin it should be taken off the road until the problem has been put right. As an owner or operator of a commercial vehicle, you could be subject to enforcement inspections by the RSA enforcement team.

There are two types of inspections they carry out and they do not need to give you notice of either, although normally they will call you to arrange a premises inspection.

A premises inspection can include looking at the driver’s hours, their tachograph records and licences.  They will check everything that comes within the Mobile Workers Working Time Directive and that you are compliant with the rules.  This will include driving times, break times, daily and weekly rest periods, retention of record sheets, data and printouts, and correct functioning of the recording equipment, among other things.

From a more technical point of view, the inspectors will want to see a system in place for routine planned inspection and maintenance of your vehicles, and that if a truck repair Dublin was needed, it was carried out. They will want to see your walk-around check system and how any defects found are recorded. In fact, all the records regarding your vehicles should be available for the inspectors to view.

Roadside inspections are a totally different matter and you will receive no warning at all. These are joint operations between the Garda and the RSA inspectors. After they have checked that all the correct paperwork is in place and that the vehicle has a current Certificate of Roadworthiness displayed, they will conduct a visual check. This is a limited check that could result in several different scenarios.

  • You could be issued with a warning to put your vehicle in order and to have a truck repair Dublin done if one is needed.
  • You could be asked to supply more information or documents could be taken away for further verification. You will be issued with a receipt for them.
  • A Direction Notice/Letter could be issued.
  • The vehicle may be directed to a Commercial Vehicle Test Centre for a closer inspection and more tests.
  • The state of the vehicle and paperwork could prompt a premises inspection.
  • The vehicle may be prohibited from travelling any further.
  • In serious cases, you could be interviewed under caution and a prosecution started against you.

During the course of the inspection, the officers will give you advice to help you stay within the law.

A Truck Repair Dublin Could Help Your Profits

Keeping your vehicles on the road and working is vitally important for the profitability of your business. When walk round inspections are done each day, or when a driver reports that something is not right, you should get the vehicle checked out right away.

To start with, it could be something minor meaning a truck repair Dublin will keep the vehicle off the road for a very short time. If the problem is ignored it could get much worse and more damage could be caused.

This could create a major repair situation, and as well as the work costing you more to get done, the downtime of the truck will also be increased.

Apart from making sure that the vehicles CVRT are carried out in time for a retest should they fail, you should also have a system that highlights when regular maintenance work and services are due. Well-maintained vehicles are far less likely to need a truck repair Dublin, saving you time and money.

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