Truck Repair Dublin: The Advantage Of A Dealer Alternative

truck repair dublin

There are many advantages to using a dealer alternative to perform your truck repair in Dublin. Not all of them are immediately obvious. There are also some myths that persist about why you shouldn’t use a dealer alternative. We’ll take a look at both here so you can make an informed choice when you next need to book a truck repair Dublin.

They’ll Invalidate My Warranty

This is myth number one. When you use an accredited and trusted dealer alternative they will use only genuine parts and ensure all of the requirements are met to maintain your warranty. Manufacturers are not allowed to hold customers to ransom by insisting they only use their own services.

The myth originates from people using garages to make huge savings on main dealer prices. Unfortunately, huge savings have to come from somewhere. In some instances, it’s the quality of the parts and the knowledge of the mechanics. When you use an experienced and trusted dealer alternative they use the same parts and lubricants as the dealer, and the work is carried out by professional and knowledgeable mechanics.

The Mechanics Aren’t As Well Trained

Myth number two is also easily dispelled. All of our mechanics are fully trained to service several brands of vehicle. While there are huge similarities, each manufacturer has there own unique quirks, and our mechanics are aware of them all. We back up their decades of experience by providing them with all the best tools and equipment to provide you with the quality of service we demand.

They know and follow the correct procedures to maintain your warranty, and always provide an extremely high level of service. At Rathcoole Commercial we are always striving to provide the highest level of service both to your vehicles and to you.

In addition to the manufacturers guidelines we have also created our own very stringent quality procedures, and will happily stand behind the expert technical knowledge and experience of our team. If you are new to Rathcoole Commercial and you’re unsure about using a genuine dealer alternative, then we would just ask you to speak to us. It won’t take long for you to realise we are not only very capable, but we are passionate and have a genuine desire to provide the highest quality service at the best possible price.

When It Comes To Truck Repair Dublin, We’re Flexible

As an independent company we choose our own hours and prices. We are open from 7am until 7pm to make your life easier. We realise what an inconvenience it can be personally and for your business to need to take time out of your day to take a vehicle in for a service or to get a truck repair Dublin, so we try our best to minimise the inconvenience for you. Even our location is convenient. As we are not beholden to any single marque’s corporate structure we are also free to offer additional services we think are beneficial to our clients.

We’re also Ireland’s largest CVRT (DOE) test centre. We achieved this simply because so many businesses trust us with their vehicles. We know every second counts when you leave your vehicle in our care. Our mechanics always work their hardest to minimise the downtime of your vehicles.

You’ll Save Time And Money

Using a dealer alternative garage can save you money when getting a truck repair in Dublin. We find on average we save our customers approximately 20 percent when compared to main dealer prices. We think you’ll agree, this is a worthwhile saving when you’re receiving the same level of service.

A lot of main dealers can also have long wait times for servicing and repairs, whereas we offer a quick turnaround time from first contact to you having your vehicle back on the road. This saves your business valuable time.

Rathcoole Commercial is built on the back of the relationships we have with our customers. We are committed to keeping your business not just on the road, but coming back to us. We know in order to do this we must provide the highest levels of customer servicer, the best quality servicing and repairs, and provide genuine value for money.

You’ll Build A Better Relationship

If you have several vehicles from different manufacturers, then there is a chance you are using different dealers to perform services and truck repair Dublin. This means you’re spreading your influence between several garages in much smaller quantities. By using us you can bring all of your vehicles to one place for all their servicing and repair needs. This means the time and money you invest in maintaining your vehicles all helps to build a strong relationship. If you change your vehicle to a different marque, then there’s no need to change where you have it serviced and lose all the goodwill you’ve built up.

At Rathcoole Commercial our team love what they do, and it shows. A happy workplace is a productive one, which is good for our customers and us. When you deal with us it won’t take you long to realise how passionate we are about the services we provide. If we think we can improve any aspect of our service to benefit our customers, we do it.

More Than An Alternative

When you take all of the above into account we think it becomes obvious we are more than an alternative, we are the best option. Any business that wants to be successful should be working with the best people for each particular job, and getting the best prices they can without compromising on quality. We don’t have the luxury of being backed by a global brand. Your continued success and our continued success are linked. We never forget that.

We’re always happy to hear from any existing or potential customers. Contact a member of our friendly team next time you need to schedule a service or truck repair Dublin. You won’t regret it.