Why using a Dealer Alternative Garage is the Smart Option

Why using a dealer alternative is the smart option for truck and van servicing


Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, maintaining your servicing and testing schedule can be expensive and inconvenient. The stress can be compounded if you have vehicles from different manufacturers, as you try to balance servicing and your CVRT tests with multiple garages.


Thankfully, there is an alternative that can help to remove some of the hassle, stress, and cost of keeping on top of your vehicles. When you use a dealer alternative garage, there are several advantages. A few of these are:


  • Your warranty is unaffected.
  • We are more flexible than mainstream dealerships.
  • You save money by not paying high main dealership costs.


Keeping everything in one place also makes your life simpler.


Why a reputable dealer alternative is your best option


The benefits of a single garage performing all your truck and van servicing can’t be understated. Just because they are not a main dealer doesn’t mean the quality of the work is lower. A reputable dealer alternative garage will employ capable and experienced experts that only use official parts and oils as specified by the manufacturer. This ensures your warranty remains valid. The mechanics are often more capable, as they are trained to work on several different marques, rather than just a single manufacturer.


It was the European Commission that took action to prevent main dealerships having a monopoly on truck and van servicing and testing. The lack of competition was allowing them to control the price of spare parts and labour. This severely restricted the choice of operators and cost them more money.


One of the ways main dealers would achieve this dominance is by refusing to give out technical information needed to carry out repairs and truck and van servicing. Vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced with every update, and successfully carrying out truck and van servicing and repairs proves very difficult without this critical technical information.


The EU put a stop to this practice to help vehicle owners. Sharing the information prevents main dealer garages from having a monopoly on the maintenance schedules of cars, buses, trucks, and vans.


Dealer alternative standards


A dealer alternative has to be able to consistently maintain the high standards set by the manufacturers. The extra flexibility of using a dealer alternative garage for your truck and van servicing, often means they can achieve this for a lower cost and with less waiting time. This reduces the cost downtime experienced, which both help to make your business more profitable and reduce your headache.


We invest heavily to ensure we always have the latest technology and best tools available for the job.


Build a rapport


We thrive on building lasting relationships with our customers. This means we don’t just provide excellent customer service, but always make sure our prices are as competitive as possible. Using a single garage for all your needs also means you build up a better relationship over time. It also means you have a bigger spend with a single company, which can increase your spending power and influence with the company.


Some dealer alternative garages, like Rathcoole Commercial, will also help you to keep on top of your servicing and testing schedule, reducing the administrative load on your shoulders.


It can also be good to select a single person within your company to deal with the garage every time. This increases the rapport they will build over time, which can’t be a bad thing for your truck and van servicing.


Increased flexibility


We have the biggest test centre in Dublin, which is open from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening Monday to Friday for your convenience. We are also open from 9 until 1 on a Saturday. We try to be as flexible as possible so we can provide the best possible customer experience and reduce the hassle of truck and van servicing and CVRT testing as much as possible.


Take The Hassle Out Of Your Fleet Maintenance


Only you can decide what your best option is for your vehicle maintenance, but we can make our case as Dublin’s biggest dealer alternative garage that can handle all your repairs, routine maintenance, and CVRT tests. Rathcoole Commercial is a one-stop shop for all your truck and van servicing and vehicle maintenance needs.


We are accredited with The Society of Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), which gives you extra peace of mind knowing you can trust us to work to the highest standards, always.


A common misconception is that using any garage other than the main dealer will void your warranty. Some people still also believe dealer alternative mechanics aren’t as good as main dealer mechanics. As mentioned above, when you use our services you know your warranty won’t be affected, and all of our mechanics are trained to the highest standards. Each one is trained and experienced in van and truck servicing and repairs for several makes of vehicle.


However, we don’t rest on our laurels. We combine our expert technical and mechanical knowledge to implement our very own strict quality control procedures.


If you’re still unsure about switching to using a dealer alternative garage for your truck and van servicing, then give us a call and have a chat. We’re a friendly bunch and are always happy to help. We also believe in what we’re doing, and think you’ll soon realise just how much better off you are.


Our location in Grants Lane, Rathcoole, Dublin, is easy to get to if you want to pop in and have a look around. We can discuss your commercial vehicle maintenance needs. Or you can call us on 01 969 5217 to get answers to any questions you might have or to book your vehicles in. The other option is to email us at info@rathcoolecommercial.ie, and we will reply as soon as we can.

Whichever you do, don’t let your vehicles fall behind with their service schedules, get in touch with us today and let’s make sure that when one of them is stopped for a roadside check, they are fully compliant.