Reduce the pain of your DOE test (CVRT)

doe test

The DOE test, also known as the CVRT test, is a necessary procedure to ensure the roads we all use everyday remain as safe as possible. It applies to commercial vehicles, buses with more than eight passenger seats and ambulances, as long as the vehicle is over one year old. As the DOE test is seen as an essential preventative measure needed to keep our roads safe, failure to comply can lead to legal action and fines.

For most of us trying to run a business our main priority is making sure we are able to pay our way and keep our heads above water. Having to deal with a DOE test for a vehicle, especially if we have a fleet, can represent a major inconvenience, as well as lost time and money. Unfortunately you can’t get an exemption on the basis you’re running around like a headless chicken, but you can take several practical steps to reduce the cost and downtime, as well as make your life easier.


Prepare to fail the DOE test

According to the RSA there were over 460,000 full DOE tests carried out in 2016. These tests were performed on three different vehicle categories. Out of the three categories listed below you will see only one managed a pass rate higher than 50%:

  • Trucks – Full DOE test: 80,584 – 47% pass rate
  • Buses – Full DOE test: 13,588 – 48% pass rate
  • Vans/Jeeps – Full DOE test: 367,530 – 54% pass rate

With only half of all tests being passed first time, there’s a good chance you will need a retest. Some of the main reasons given for failure include the roller brake tester and headlamp aim equipment. Both are normally relatively easy to fix for skilled technicians. If a retest requires the use of equipment then we will carry it out for 50% of the normal cost. If it’s purely a visual check then we don’t charge you for the retest at all, as long as it is performed within 21 days of the original test.

At Rathcoole Commercial we have refined the whole process to minimise the amount of time your vehicle is off the road. We can perform a DOE test and a re-test on the same day. Alternatively we can give your vehicle a pre-test check ensuring it will pass before the test is taken. You can trust us with any truck repair that is highlighted during the CVRT test.


Highlight any obvious problems

Before you bring your vehicle to Rathcoole Commercial for the DOE test, there are a number of simple things you can check. Some you may be happy to correct yourself, but even if you notice something you’re not prepared to fix yourself, telling our engineers about it will save you downtime, as they will already be aware of a potential problem. Operators and drivers have several responsibilities under the CVRT rules.


Items you can check beforehand

Most of the items you can check are common sense things you probably already check occasionally anyway.



All your tyre treads should be at least 1.6mm deep and wearing evenly. Tyres should also be evenly worn and free from damage. This could be classed as impact damage, cracks and bulges. Tyre pressure should also be within the recommended levels for your vehicle. We will also remove your hubcaps to inspect the wheel nuts.

Most of the above can be easily checked. If you notice some tyres are wearing quicker than others then speak to one of our technicians about rotating the tyres to maximise their lifespan.



If any of your lights are damaged or not working then the most likely cause is the bulb or fuse. The lights you should check include sidelights, main beam, brake lights, indicators, reversing lights, number plate and rear fog lights.

If you’re unsure how to change a bulb or where the fuses are located, the owner’s manual should clearly show you how to access them.


Suspension and brakes

You should always keep an eye out for any potential problems with these. We recommend you sometimes make a point of being consciously aware of how they are acting. If there are any potential problems, if your suspension feels stiff or your brakes are unresponsive, then we recommend you bring the vehicle in to us and get the issue resolved before any further damage occurs.


Engine fluids levels

You should always inspect your coolant level when the engine is cold. This will give you an accurate reading and allow you to top it up if necessary. Checking your oil level is best done with a warm engine. Remove your dipstick and wipe it clean, then reinsert and remove again for an accurate reading.

While the engine fluid levels seem like a minor issue to fix, we can’t perform an emissions test on your vehicle unless the fluid levels are sufficient, as running your engine without the required fluids could potentially harm your engine.

If you do need to top up any of your fluids then be sure to use the recommended type to avoid causing any premature wear or damage to your engine. All the information you require should be in your user manual.


Why choose Rathcoole Commercial?

When you choose Rathcoole Commercial you aren’t just picking the best place for your DOE test in Dublin, you are choosing Ireland’s largest CVRT test centre. We maintain exceptionally high standards and always put the customer first. As a trusted and respected dealer alternative garage we ensure all your warranties are unaffected, while at the same time providing more convenience at a lower cost.

We are open from 7am until 7pm to make it easier for you to bring your vehicle in without disrupting your working day. Our experienced team is friendly and approachable, and they are always happy to talk to you about your vehicle or discuss any concerns you have.

Whether you need a service, a CVRT test, or just some advice, give us a call today on 01-9695217, or e-mail and we’ll get back to you.