Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer Road Trips

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4 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Summer Months

Our vehicles can notify us of some things like when they are nearly out of petrol. However, there are many things our vehicles can’t notify us of. When it comes to the summer months we have to be mindful. Vehicles usually require more repairs during seasonal changes.

The adjustment from cold weather to hot can come as a shock. Now that the weather is shifting towards summer we have put together a list to prepare your vehicle for the summer heat and those long journeys across the country.

Check Your Tyres

The responsibility of every vehicle owner is to check your vehicle’s tyres. If you are planning a road trip or a long journey in the summer heat then you absolutely must check your tyres beforehand.

The legal tyre tread depth across Europe is 1.6mm. Many experts even advise this is too low. Once the tread depth hits below 3mm the stopping distances of your vehicle increase.

As the tread is the part of your tyre in contact with the road under normal conditions it is vital you check they are up to standard to ensure safety.

Keep The Oil Levels In Check

To keep your van or truck running smoothly you’ll also need to make sure the oil levels are adequate. Check the quantity and condition of oil in your engine before taking any long journeys.

The key to good working conditions is regular checking. It isn’t a bad shout either to keep some extra oil in the trunk too.

Test Your Vehicles Battery

A vehicle’s battery contains a liquid which evaporates in hot weather. This, in turn, lessens the battery life. With the AC on frequently and music blaring during those long summer drives, it can take a toll on your battery as is.

Before you set out this summer check what date is stamped on your battery. If it’s over four years old consider having it replaced.

Don’t Forget The Air Conditioner

The part of your vehicle which can cool you down in the stifling heat, never forget the air conditioner!

Ideally, you should be testing this out before the weather picks up, sometime like now. Verify the air is blowing and check the strength of the airflow. Replace your air filters on a regular basis to ensure your system does not overwork itself.

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