Top Tips For Passing The CVRT

How to pass CVRT test

You can view our guide on how to pass the CVRT test on the booking page.

In many instances, there are some simple solutions to avoiding mistakes that could force your vehicle to undergo a retest.

On top of this though, you should also be aware of the most common areas a truck, van or other commercial vehicle can fail.

Read on to find out what areas you should be extra aware throughout the year in order to ensure your commercial vehicles get a pass.

Passing the CVRT

1. Cab and Body Work

You already want your company vehicles to look their best, so you probably have this one covered.

Keep your cab and body work in good nick and you’ll save yourself failing a section of the CVRT that can be easily avoided.

2. Steering Linkage.

Ideally, you’ll be having your vehicles serviced regularly in order to maintain the nuts and bolts of what make them run, but you should also ask that your drivers be conscious of how the driving feels.

Often they can highlight a problem before it becomes a major issue.

3. Break Components.

Similarly, your drivers should be able to tell you if the breaks on your vehicles are acting stiff or unresponsive.

4. Front Suspension

Again, the best way to make sure your vehicle is in top condition is to have it serviced before its CVRT.

However, you can avoid bigger problems by having your drivers handle the vehicles with care. While there might be somedays they might be in a rush and tackle those speed bumps head on, it’s best to drive at a conservative speed – it will save you a lot more trouble in the future.

5. Registration Plate Lamps

Most mistakes on the test happen for the simplest reasons. After-all, you wouldn’t book your truck for a CVRT if you through it was going to fail.

Check the little things. Registration plate lamps are a very easy thing to overlook.

Ready to for your truck or van CVRT? Contact our staff to get your commercial vehicle booked for its test today.