Ensuring Your Truck Passes The CVRT At The Commercial Test Centre Dublin

The ultimate goal of the Commercial Vehicle Road Worthiness Test (CVRT) is to ensure that the roads of Ireland are safe. This is why if you own a commercial vehicle, a bus with more than 8 passenger seats, or an ambulance that is over 1 year old, its roadworthiness must be checked annually. The commercial test centre Dublin will confirm that the vehicle satisfied the different aspects of the test on the day that it passed, it does not create any type of warranty for the vehicle.

The CVRT is meant as a preventative measure to ensure that vehicles are not allowed to deteriorate where safety is concerned, and to make sure that it is fit for the roads for the whole of its usable life.

When your vehicle has passed its roadworthiness test you will be issued with a pass certificate, which you need in order to tax or insure the vehicle.

Preparing For A CVRT

Before you take your vehicle to the commercial test centre Dublin there are some basic checks you can make. Although the test will in depth and technical, there are some areas that are easy to keep on top of, and by checking them out you will ensure the vehicle will not fail on something you could have prevented.

Most commercial vehicle drivers know the importance of checking the levels of fluids, especially the oil, washer fluid and coolant. You should check the oil when the engine is warm but not too hot, and the other fluids should be checked when the engine is cold. As part of the test the Co2 emissions are measured and this lets the tester know how efficiently the engine is running. This involves a smoke test, which the tester may refuse to do if the oil level is low, which will result in an automatic fail.

It is easy for two people to check all the lights are working properly. It could be as simple as a blown bulb, but making sure these are OK could save you a fail at the commercial test centre Dublin. Now that LED bulbs are used in most vehicles, they are less likely to blow, but should still be checked. There should also be no broken mirrors.

The treads on the tyres should all be within the legal limits and evenly worn. There is a lot of pressure put on the tyres when the vehicle is carrying a full load and this can contribute to uneven wear. If this happens, your garage will be able to swap the tyres around which could help them last longer. The sidewalls of the tyres will also be examined, because as they age they can start to crack. Damaged sidewalls are the main cause of tyre blowouts.

Make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressures too. This can help to reduce the amount of uneven wear, improve the handling of the vehicle and help with the performance of the brakes.

The wheel nuts have to be checked as part of the test and you should remove the hubcaps or nut covers before taking it to the commercial vehicle test centre Dublin.

Finally, you should make sure the vehicle is clean inside and out. If it is a truck, that includes the drivers cab. All personal belongings should be removed as well.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing will go a long way to making sure your vehicle passes its CVRT at the commercial test centre Dublin. As well as the things mentioned above, the CVRT involves checking the brakes, steering, suspension, chassis and underbody, tacho, speed limiter, exhaust emissions and electrical systems.

If your vehicles is regularly serviced these things will be checked out regularly, and if a fault develops it can be put right before the CVRT at the commercial test centre Dublin.

If you have more than one vehicle, it is a good idea to make one person responsible for the servicing and maintenance of them all. This will mean that regular services and CVRTs are less likely to be missed, and the drivers will know who to go to if they have a problem.

All your drivers should do a walk around check every day before they set off, and if they notice that the brakes, steering, or anything else does not feel right they should report it to the responsible person immediately.

Finding The Best Commercial Test Centre Dublin

Now you have your vehicle prepared, all you have to do is find the best commercial vehicle test centre Dublin and book the date and time for the test.

Rathcoole Commercial is Ireland’s largest CVRT test centre. We are based in Grants Lane, Rathcoole, Dublin. We have grown to the size we are because our standards are high, from customer service to the quality of our work, and as a dealer alternative garage we are far from the most expensive.

Our team has many years experience in the motor industry and we know how to do things right. We can handle vehicles of every make and size, and because of our extensive history and experience, you can trust us to maintain and service your vehicles without putting your warranty at risk.

We realise that every time your vehicle is off the road it is costing your business money. We will do our best to deal with a service, repair or CVRT as quickly as possible to minimise the amount of time lost. Our testing centre is open from 7am until 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on a Saturday. The garage is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5 pm.

If you have any questions why not give our friendly team a call on 01 969        5217, or email us at info@rathcoolecommercial.ie.  We are here to help and to make sure your vehicle maintenance schedule causes the minimum amount of disruption possible to your business.