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commercial vehicle repairs

Whether you run a single truck or van, or a whole fleet of vehicles, you’ll know what chaos, unexpected repairs can cause for your business. That is why you will need regular commercial vehicle repairs.  Suddenly losing a vehicle when you’re busy can mean rescheduling work to accommodate the repairs. This down time can cause unnecessary financial loss and unwanted hair loss.


While commercial vehicle repairs are inevitable occasionally, there are plenty of things you can do to minimise the likelihood of being caught short.


Reducing The Likelihood Of A Commercial Vehicle Repair


Modern commercial vehicles are very reliable. They are also more complicated than ever. All the additional systems mean there is more that can go wrong. The cost of regular maintenance and servicing can seem excessive to some businesses trying to make ends meet. However, this cost must be factored into your running expenses, as getting a reputation for being unreliable or unprofessional will cost your business far more.


While some breakdowns are unavoidable, many are. Sticking to the correct service schedule will help to keep your vehicles running as they should, and avoid unnecessary hassle and expense.


There are additional benefits to ensuring your vehicles are well cared for:


  • A vehicle that looks well maintained is less likely to be delayed by roadside inspections.
  • You’ll get a better deal when the time comes to trade-in or sell your vehicles.
  • A well maintained vehicle would have lower running costs.


When all of these benefits are added together it’s easy to see how crucial your attitude towards your vehicles can be to the success of your business.


Regular maintenance will also help ensure your vehicle stays compliant with all the legislation about Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness. Commercial vehicle operators are legally obliged to meet the requirements set out by the Road Safety Authority. Regular CVRT testing is obligatory, and operating a commercial vehicle without the required certificate can lead to a fine of up to €3,000, 5 penalty points and up to 3 months in prison.


Having well maintained vehicles doesn’t just help your business reputation and reduce the potential for commercial vehicle repairs. It is primarily designed to increase the standard of commercial vehicles and make our roads safer.


Tips To Help You Stay Safe


There are lots of things you can keep an eye on at regular intervals to help avoid or reduce the need for commercial vehicle repairs. Catching a problem early can save you money by reducing the potential for further damage to be caused by an unaddressed issue. You can view our comprehensive list of internal and external checks that won’t cost you a penny, but may save you a lot of time and money.


It’s also good to be aware of the walk-around guide provided by the RSA for people buying or selling a commercial vehicle.


Increase Awareness


Making any drivers aware of your standards will help them be vigilant if they feel something isn’t right. Encourage them to speak up, and let them know it is in the companies best interests not to ignore potential problems. This can be another way to spot a failure early, and potentially reduce any commercial vehicle repair bill.


Not All Commercial Vehicle Repairs Can Be Avoided


While all of the above will help reduce the likelihood of an unnecessary breakdown, there will still be instances when a breakdown happens. This could be due to a component failing, or an accident. Unfortunately these will continue to be a factor when running commercial vehicles, which is why we concentrate on making our service as convenient, quick and cost effective as possible. At a time when you have additional stress we won’t add to it, in fact, we’ll do our best to reduce it.


A Better Service For Less


As a trusted dealer alternative we offer many advantages over using branded garages. As well as being able to service all your vehicles, even when they are from different manufacturers, we also offer a quicker service. We don’t have the luxury of being part of an international company. We know our continued success is reliant on your continued success. This means we strive to provide you with the best service at a competitive price. We do this while at least matching the standards of a branded dealer. This is why using an alternative garage like Rathcoole Commercial won’t affect your manufacturers warranty.

Select The Best Partner For You


Whether you’re looking for commercial vehicle repairs, CVRT testing or a company who can service and maintain your vehicles, choosing a single provider will keep things simple.


We have grown to become Ireland’s largest CVRT test centre for a reason. Our customers are happy and recommend our services. As we only specialise in commercial vehicles our whole team is dedicated to helping your business.


We know that once a company works with us, they stick around for a long time. This is why we try to make our service as competitively priced as possible from day one. We’re building a lasting relationship; we may as well start straight away.


Our technicians have decades of experience, which they use to ensure a minimum amount of down time is needed. We work hard to simplify things for you. We provide the most up to date equipment to our technicians, so they have all the tools and training needed to provide you with the best possible service.


We’re always happy to hear from any existing or potential customers. We want to make our service as seamless as possible, so if you want to talk about how we can help your business, or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.