Is Regular Maintenance The Way To Avoid A Major Truck Repair?

truck repair maintenance

Regardless of whether you have a fleet of light commercial vehicles, several heavy goods vehicles, or just one truck on the road, you want to avoid a major truck repair. It is not just the cost involved that’s an inconvenience, but also the time your vehicle might be not working, which is losing you additional money.  The cost of the repair and the amount of business lost can amount to a substantial sum, so is it really a case of prevention being better than cure when it comes to your vehicles?


The True Cost Of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

The requirements on companies for vehicle maintenance have changed over the last 20 years. As the vehicles have become more complex, so has the maintenance schedule needed, but companies need to know two things to plan it properly. Firstly, how much will the service cost and secondly, how long will the vehicle be off the road. These are two important factors that can affect their business, so both are vital details.

Corporate and private customers need some idea of the cost of regular services, so they can plan for the outlay beforehand.

Having your vehicles serviced when they should be may well show up a minor problem that if left could turn into a major truck repair. For instance, if something breaks in the engine, untold damage could be caused, when with a service that part would have been changed preventing this from happening and an unsuspected truck repair being necessary.

With regular servicing your vehicles are less likely to have problems at road side checks, less likely to break down, and less likely to fail their CVRT.

Taking all these things into account, not having your vehicles regularly serviced could be far more expensive than having the routine mainantence carried out.


Warranties and Guarantees

If you have purchased vehicles from new they will come with warranties and guarantees. However, these only remain valid if you follow the manufacturers instructions and time limits for servicing.

At one time, you had to take the vehicle back to a main dealer to have the service carried out. Now, because of changes in the European laws, you can use a dealer alternative garage, which are usually much cheaper. These new rules and regulations have been in force since October 2003, and they say that vehicle owners should have more freedom of where their vehicles are serviced and repaired.

Not just any garage can claim to be a dealer alternative. They have to be accredited with The Society of Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) for your warranties and guarantees still to mean anything. These garages will only use the highest quality parts and lubricants, as recommended by the vehicles manufacturer. Where the real savings happen is with the labour costs and the fact they can generally get your vehicle back on the road in less time. You should usually expect to save around 20% compared to the cost of using a main dealer.

Dealer alternative garages are also able to complete a truck repair at a lower cost, so it is worth asking them for a quote before taking your vehicle to the branded dealer.

How do you find a trusted dealer alternative garage in Dublin? That’s the easy part. You just get in touch with Rathcoole Commercial as we can take care of all your commercial vehicle needs.


Have A Plan

With the pressures of running your business, it is very easy to miss the due dates for servicing or even for your CVRT. The best way to avoid this happening is to make one person responsible for making sure this does not happen, and have a plan in place. It does not need to be anything complicated. Just a record of when things are due that will instantly be accessible so that no deadlines are missed.

The task you have given them should also involve keeping a strict record about each vehicle, as that can be crucial when it comes time to dispose of a vehicle.

There are advantages to putting someone in charge of the vehicles in this way. The drivers will know who to approach if they have a problem with the vehicle they are about to take on the road.  If a truck repair is needed they will be able to arrange it rather than having to wait for you to have a few spare minutes to deal with booking the truck repair.

Hopefully, with a plan in place and a person responsible for dealing with it, the regular servicing will happen as and when it should and the need for a truck repair will be reduced.


Keeping Your Vehicles And Drivers Safe

A well-maintained vehicle is more likely to be a safe vehicle. If the brakes failed, for instance, it may cause a lot of damage to the vehicle, your driver may be injured, and other roads users could also experience injuries and damage to their vehicles. Brakes failing are just one example of something that should not happen if your vehicles have been regularly serviced, there are many other things that could go wrong with a truck that is not properly maintained.

You could face prosecution if it is found that an accident happened because of ignoring the maintenance of your vehicles, and the sentences are unpleasant if you are found guilty. At the very least you would be fined and possibly have your operating licence revoked, and at its worst you would have to serve some time in prison.


Drivers Responsibility

Your drivers have to take some responsibility for letting you know if they think the vehicle they are driving may need a truck repair. They should tell you about any problems at all, no matter how trivial they might seem. It is their job to drive the truck, not to decide if it needs to go into a garage. Giving you the information is where their responsibility ends.


Call The Experts

Whether you need a truck repair, a CVRT, or to arrange a service, get in touch with the experts at Rathcoole Commercial. We are here to help you keep your vehicles safe and on the road. Ring 01 969 5217 for any advice you may need, or to book your vehicle in.