Commercial Vehicle Maintenance: Why it’s Vital for Your Business

Commercial Vehicle Maintenance at Rathcoole Commerciall

Regular vehicle servicing and maintenance is proven to reduce operating costs of commercial vehicles. Not only does commercial vehicle maintenance prevent excessive and unplanned vehicle maintenance jobs, it also minimises unscheduled disruptions to your operations when vehicles are off the road for periods of time. So, vehicle maintenance is good not only for your bottom line, but for your customers too.

Before you make a commitment to regular vehicle maintenance it’s important to understand how it’s going to benefit your business. So, here’s 5 reasons why commercial vehicle maintenance should be at the heart of your business strategy if you want to outperform rivals and delight your customers.

1. Reduces Vehicle Breakdowns

The first, most obvious, way commercial vehicle maintenance can benefit your business is by reducing the frequency of vehicle breakdowns. Compared to poorly maintained vehicles, regularly serviced vehicles spend less time off the roads getting repair work done or at roadside checks.

As we all know, fixing small issues now is a much cheaper solution than waiting until the become a bigger – and more expensive – deal. By reducing breakdowns, you minimise disruptions to your business operations and reduces costly repair jobs.

Importance of Commercial Vehicle Maintenance

2. Fewer Accidents

Well-maintained commercial vehicles get into fewer accidents – it’s that simple. A good example is your brakes. Most drivers don’t pay attention to their brakes until they start squeaking, grinding, or even worse. Often, it has to get to the point where it’s really bad before some people to bring it into the shop.

By the time people invest in commercial vehicle repair, you’re likely facing a pretty hefty bill, along with having to go without your commercial vehicle for a day or two minimum. Which, if you depend on your commercial vehicle for your business, is a lifetime.

Sometimes, the difference between a collision and a close call is just a few feet. Good brakes can help a driver avoid more accidents. Better yet, good brakes can help you turn good driving in your business into something that’s so routine it’s not even worth mentioning.


3. Lowers Operating Costs

Well maintained vehicles have lower operating costs than those that are not adequately maintained and that’s not just not in terms of repairs. Commercial vehicles that are regularly repaired and maintained can save on your business fuel expenses – which are estimated to account for 30% of total operational running costs. Furthermore, it can save you money on your annual insurance bill, not to mention extend the life of your vehicle.

These savings more than offset the cost of regular servicing your commercial vehicle and makes a compelling case for regular commercial vehicle maintenance.


4. Improves Customer Satisfaction

As a business, being able to deliver consistent, on-time deliveries to your customers is vital. Poorly maintained vehicles can be unpredictable and that’s not good for business. Breakdown costs are only the tip of the iceberg if the result in an unhappy customer.

Having vehicles that can deliver on-time consistently will greatly improve satisfaction among your customers. Nothing puts more of a strain on business relationships than unreliable service. Especially if your competitors have already committed to regular commercial vehicle maintenance and can deliver on time.

Importance of Commercial Vehicle Maintenance

5. It’s the law

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) randomly sampled 1,000 vehicles aged 5 years and older and discovered that only 70% of the legally required tests had been conducted. This means that these commercial vehicles are not being checked sufficiently to ensure they meet the proper standards of roadworthiness. This is dangerous not only for your drivers but other road users, so be sure to keep on top of your Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Tests (CVRT).

The good news is, by ensuring your commercial vehicle is in good condition, you can save yourself and your business a lot of time and money in the run up to your commercial vehicle test. Regular vehicle maintenance, helps ensure that you pass your CVRT the first time around.

Commercial Vehicle Maintenance and Your Bottom Line

Despite the numerous benefits of regular commercial vehicle maintenance, many Irish commercial vehicle owners do not adequately service theirs. In 2013, as part of a campaign by the Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA), roadside checks of over 3,500 vehicles across Ireland found that 1 in 2 commercial vehicles on our roads have defaults.

Worse still, 32% of these defects were deemed serious or dangerous enough to require immediate attention and prevent the vehicle from continuing its journey. Delays like this can really impact your bottom line if you depend on your commercial vehicles for your business operations. Especially if your competitors have committed to regular vehicle maintenance and can deliver on-time.

So, don’t get caught out, ensure your commercial vehicle is well maintained. There are numerous measures you can take to extend your vehicle’s longevity, which will ultimately save you time and money. Getting your commercial vehicles checked out by an experienced mechanic is the first step.


So, if your commercial vehicle is in need of a service, our experienced team are here to help. Our extensive facilitates can accommodate both light and heavy commercial vehicles. So, don’t delay with your commercial vehicle maintenance. Get in touch with us today.