Finding The Best CVRT Test Centre

cvrt test centre

If you need a truck repair, a bus fixing, or a CVRT test, you need to know you are using the best workshop available, so you can be certain the job will be done to a high standard and at a reasonable cost. Where better to look than at the winner of the LCV/HCV Independent Workshop of the Year. As the 2017 winner is also the largest CVRT test centre in Dublin, all your requirements for the maintenance and care of your commercial vehicles is in one place.


Are The Awards Meaningful?

The simple answer to that question is yes they are. The Irish Auto Trade awards them annually after a very thorough and professional process of identifying the best businesses in all sectors of the Irish auto aftermarket sector.

From independent workshops for car repairs right through to trucks and buses, parts suppliers, wholesale and retail motor factors, bodyshops, body builders, recovery operators, retailers and wholesalers are all among the awards made each year.

For 2017, nominations could be made between 20th March to 9th June, and then from the 15th September voting began, which whittled contestants down to the top 6 in each category. The results were then announced at a gala evening in October. In total there were 26 national winners and 42 regional awards. As an annual event, the list of these awards is another source of finding the best aftermarket operator to suit your requirements without having to spend hours trawling the Internet.

If you are looking for the best place for your truck repair, or are trying to find out which CVRT test centre you should use, get in touch with Rathcoole Commercial, the winner of the LCV/HCV Independent Workshop of the year 2017.

Is The Winner The Most Expensive CVRT Test Centre?

Maintaining your commercial vehicles can be expensive with main dealers, which is why many of our clients decided to use a dealer alternative garage for their repair work, and as their CVRT test centre.  All services we handle are completed to the highest standards, and without invalidating your warranty. We strictly comply with manufacturers guidelines, and our attention to detail means your warranty is protected.

Apart from being a cheaper option than main dealers, we can usually get your vehicle serviced and back on the road quicker. Every hour your truck spends doing nothing is costing you money, so the sooner you have it back the better, and to help facilitate this we are open from 7 am till 7 pm five days a week, plus Saturday mornings for deliveries and collections.

Clients also like the fact that as the largest CVRT test centre in Dublin, we can service their commercial vehicles and take them straight for the test if it is due. Everything is dealt with in the same place on the same day, which is good for your vehicle maintenance plan and business.

Bluefleet Rentals For When Your Vehicle Is In The CVRT Test Centre

We really do try to make things as hassle free as possible when your vehicle comes into our workshop for a service or CVRT test.  Bluefleet Rentals is a dedicated van rental business that will only supply you with a vehicle that has been maintained to the highest standards. Drop your vehicle off with our service or test staff, and pick up the keys to a van from the Bluefleet staff to keep you on the road doing your job, while we do ours.

Bluefleet Rentals hire vans to clients all over Ireland, not just people who are dropping their vehicles into the CVRT test centre. From time to time we also sell vans and if you are looking to increase your fleet, or update some of your vehicles, you should get in touch with us first. Any van sold is fully maintained and serviced, and you can be sure it will be in excellent condition.

The Importance Of The Deadline At The CVRT Test Centre

Any owner of a commercial vehicle in Ireland should be aware of the importance of the CVRT test, and of getting it done on time. As soon as the truck, van or bus reaches 12 months old, the vehicles have to attend a CVRT test centre to satisfy basic safety standards and to check things that are accessible and visible. Missing a test, whether it is the first one or further down the line, means it’s illegal for you vehicle to be on the roads, and you can be heavily penalised for this.

If the gross weight of your vehicle if less than 3,500 kg GVW then the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) test will apply. Over this weight, or for a bus with more than eight passenger seats, and the Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) test is the one that applies. If your vehicle should fail its CVRT test you have just 21 days for a retest, which will cost you half the normal test fee.

The whole point of the testing criteria in Ireland is to keep dangerous vehicles off the roads, to make driving safer for all road users.

There is no shortage of information about the tests on the CVRT websites, including the items that will be tested and how to prepare for the test. Or you can call our CVRT test centre and ask the same questions, we will be happy to help.

Contacting Rathcoole Commercial

Our team are here just to help you. If you need any type of work done to a commercial vehicle, have a chat to our experienced experts to find out more about our services. You can call us on 01 969 5217, e-mail us at, or call in to see is in Grants Lane, Rathcoole, Dublin. We are confident that choosing us to look after your commercial vehicles is a decision you will not regret, so why not get in touch with us today.