5 Frequently Asked Questions About The CVRT

professional photo of cvrt tester

Vans, trucks and buses all need to be serviced on a regular basis, but there’s a lot more to ensuring that they’re up to legal standard than leaving them into your local test centre every now and then.

An official series of tests need to be taken to ensure that Irish roads are safe. A licensed CVRT test centre with a qualified testing staff is the only place where you can submit your commercial vehicle to this exam.

You might have gone through the process a handful of times before, or maybe this will be the first time your vehicle has been put to the test. Either way, there are probably a couple of things you still don’t know about commercial vehicle testing.

Being is prepared is key. So make sure to read through our list below.


1. How Do CVRT Testers Get Trained?

Athlone Institute of Technology is responsible for the training of CVRT testers under the authority of the Road Safety Authority. Potential testers are required to have previously earned at least a FETAC level 6 in areas such as Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

This guarantees that the people inspecting your vehicles can spot any potential issue.

2. How Often Should I Take The CVRT?

Your vehicle should undergo the DOE test, as it was previously known, once a year. The whole point of the process is to make sure that both you, and other drivers on the road, are safe. By establishing an annual checkup that all commercial vehicles have to go through, we are able to help prevent accidents, and ensure that your bus, truck or van is road worthy for many years to come.

3. How Can I Pass The CVRT?

You can consult our blog post on how to pass the CVRT. Remember that it’s often the simplest things that can cause a vehicle to fail!

4. What Mistakes Can I Avoid?

As with any test, there are a handful of common mistakes. Luckily, with the CVRT, these are often the easiest to avoid. Make sure that all of your lights are working, that your license plates are clearly visible, and that your engine has plenty of oil and water. On top of this, try to keep your cab clean as possible!

5. Where Can I Take The CVRT?

You need to take the CVRT with a qualified testing centre. These are approved by the RSA, and you can usually tell what centres handle the test by taking a quick look at their website and searching for the RSA-CVRT logo. You can see ours on the bottom of our homepage.

The main thing you want from your test centre is efficiency. Our friendly staff will have your vehicles slotted in for their test and ready for collection as fast as humanly possible. Book yours at our CVRT test centre now!