The Essential Reasons For Van Service Dublin

Regardless of the legal aspects of keeping you van in a good enough condition to be on the roads of Ireland, your van could be a vital part of your trade. In fact, some tradespeople consider it to be the most important tool they have. It does not matter whether you’re a plumber, a bricklayer, an electrician, or if you offer a delivery service, you cannot operate efficiently without your van.

It will transport you and your tools between jobs, or carry the packages you are delivering. This is why a van service Dublin is so crucial, and regular maintenance is a must.  The people that ignore the service and maintenance of their van could end up being stopped for a roadside check and having their van removed from the road. Apart from being inconvenient, it can be very costly to get it back up to a condition where it can be used on the roads again.


Tyre Safety

The legal minimum depth tread in Europe is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tread and around its entire circumference. Any less than this can have serious safety implications, which is why if you end up in court after being stopped by the Garda, you can have 4 penalty points added to your licence if your tyres are not within the legal limits. That is without the fixed fine of 80 euros.

For the sake of replacing your tyres it’s not worth the risk of causing an accident or getting a black mark against your license.

If your tyres are illegal, this would be pointed out to you when you take your vehicle for its van service Dublin.


Check Your Van’s Fluids

To help keep your engine running smoothly you should regularly check the levels of oil, brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid. It’s also a good idea to keep your screen wash topped up.

Doing this will only take a few minutes of your time, but can help to keep your engine in better condition. All of these things are checked automatically when you take your vehicle for a van service Dublin.


Make Sure All Your Lights Are Working

It’s not only dangerous to have lights that are not working, it’s against the law as well. Often it’s just a bulb that needs replacing, but if you want to avoid fines and penalties you should always check you lights.

Your lights not only need to be in working order, they also have to be clean and visible, as do your number plates. Otherwise, you could be facing fines and penalty points if the Garda stop you. Lights might seem a minor thing, but if some were not working, that would be put right when you take your vehicle for a van service Dublin.

Faulty tyres and lights would both result in a fail of your CVRT, which will cause you more hassle to get your vehicle repaired and retested.


Keep It Looking Good

Keeping you van clean and looking good is not going to help it run any better, but it will give a better impression of your business. This is down to you, as it won’t be cleaned when you take it for its van service Dublin.

If at some point you want to sell the van, it will look a better proposition for any potential buyers if you have kept it in a clean and tidy condition.



As your van is so important to your work it’s important to make sure your vehicle and its contents are secure. Fit extra locks and an alarm and keep it somewhere safe overnight.  If possible, a locked garage is ideal when your van is not in use, and unloading the most expensive tools is another safeguard against theft and inconvenience.

Make sure you tell your insurance company about any new security you have fitted, as it can help to reduce your premiums.


Plan Your Van Service Dublin

Regular servicing of you vehicle is vital. The mechanics will be able to perform a full check and put right things you cannot access, and possibly do not understand. They are highly trained, if you use the right company.  We all have a mate who has a friend who knows someone that repairs vans, but you need to know the work carried out on your van is of the highest standard, and you have somewhere to go back to if you encounter a problem.

If your van is new and you do not have it serviced when the makers say you should, you can void the warranty. That could be very costly if something major then goes wrong.

The best way is to draw up a plan of when the services are due, this can be a huge help if you have more than one vehicle. It does not need to be anything complicated, perhaps a calendar especially for your vehicles. Then as well as servicing you could also note when the CVRT is due, as you do not want to miss the test.

You can save a lot of the servicing costs by using a dealer alternative garage, such as Rathcoole Commercial. Only the recommended parts are used, and we can carry out your van service Dublin without voiding your warranty. With our strict adherence to the manufacturers requirements and our attention to detail, you can rest assured we can legally and safely keep your warranty in place, without the costs being as high as official dealer prices.

This might seem too good to be true, and if you have any questions about it, about the servicing of your vehicle or your CVRT, then call and have a chat with a friendly member of our team. They will be able to answer all your questions, just call us on 01 969 5217. If you’d prefer you can email us at  Don’t leave the servicing of your van to chance just getting it done when you feel like a problem is starting. The rules for commercial vehicles in Ireland are very strict, and it’s worth the effort of making sure your van is compliant so as not to fall foul of the law.