Don’t Let Your Fleet Maintenance Become A Major Headache

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When you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, making sure each one is serviced and has its CVRT test at the correct time, can be a nightmare. The headache can even worse if your fleet is made up of vehicles from different manufacturers, and you are trying to coordinate all the work needed with different dealerships.

One way to reduce the stress is to find a company qualified to handle all makes, no matter what size or how many vehicles you own. It’s even better if you find a dealer alternative garage so your warranties are not affected, but the maintenance costs you less.


The Advantages Of Using A Dealer Alternative Garage For Your Fleet Maintenance

Having to take all your vehicles to just one place can save you so much time and hassle. If you choose a reputable dealer alternative garage for your fleet maintenance, you will be able to rest assured they are experts who only use the parts and oils specified by the manufacturer so your warranty is still valid.

Dealer alternative garages came into existence several years ago when the European Commission decided the main dealerships had too much of a stronghold over spare parts and the servicing of vehicles. They felt this restricted the choice of vehicle owners, and cost them more, as the dealers had no competition for their spare parts.

The dealers achieved this by refusing to give out the technical information needed for repairing the vehicles. As every new model is more technologically advanced than the previous one, servicing and maintenance is very difficult without this information.

The EU stopped this practice so no dealer garages could carry on having a monopoly on fleet maintenance, car repairs, maintaining buses, and looking after any other type of road vehicle. The dealer alternative garages have to be able to maintain the high standards set by the manufacturers, and are generally able to achieve this with less waiting time and at a lower cost.

This means if you have a fleet of vehicles the downtime and money saved can be considerable if you use a dealer alternative garage, all helping to make your business more efficient and more profitable.


Make One Person Responsible

When you have several vehicles, you should have one person responsible for your fleet maintenance. Having several people dealing with it is far more likely to lead to mistakes. This could perhaps be a missed CVRT, which could then make it illegal for that particular vehicle to be on the roads in Ireland.

If just one person is in charge of fleet maintenance, drivers will know who to approach if they have a problem with the vehicle they are driving. The responsible person could also make sure every driver does a walk round inspection before setting off, so obvious problems are found sooner rather than later.

They could log the details of every vehicle, what repairs it has had, when the service or CVRT is due, what it cost to insure, and any other relevant details. A record of everything to do with a vehicle can be a good selling point when it’s time to replace a vehicle, particularly if you can show it has had every service as and when they were due.

From this, they could compile one master sheet that has the dates for servicing and CVRT tests. This way something is less likely to be missed.

If the dealer alternative garage you choose always deals with the same person, over time they will build a relationship, which cannot be a bad thing for your fleet maintenance.


Take The Hassle Out Of Your Fleet Maintenance

We can’t help you decide who is the best person to put in charge of your fleet maintenance, but we are a dealer alternative garage that can handle all your repairs, routine maintenance, and CVRT tests. Rathcoole Commercial is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle maintenance needs.

We are accredited with The Society of Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), which gives you extra peace of mind knowing you can trust us to work to the highest standards, always.

Business owners sometime worry they will void their warranties or alternative garage mechanics are not as good at their jobs as the dealership ones. These are both common misconceptions. As already explained, your warranty is not affected and at Rathcoole Commercial all of our mechanics are fully trained and experienced in servicing and maintaining several different makes of vehicles.

As well as following the maker’s guidelines, we have our own very strict quality control procedures in place, together with the expert technical and mechanical knowledge we have, makes us the best team for your fleet maintenance.

If you have never used a dealer alternative garage before and are a bit nervous about the idea, call and have a chat with us. You will soon realise there are many advantages to using our services.

Our garage is open from 8 in the morning till 5 in the evening from Monday to Friday. Our test centre, which is the largest in Dublin, is open from 7 to 7 Monday to Friday, and from 9 till 1 on Saturdays, We want to be as flexible as possible for your business to take the hassle out of your fleet maintenance.

Our location in Grants Lane, Rathcoole, Dublin, is easy to get to if you want to pop in and have a look and discuss your commercial vehicle maintenance needs. Or you can call us on 01 969 5217 to get answers to any questions, or to book your vehicles in. The other option is to email us at, and we will reply as soon as we can. Whichever you do, don’t let your vehicles fall behind with their service schedules, get in touch with us today and lets make sure that when one of them is stopped for a roadside check, they are fully compliant.