How To Stay On Top Of Your CVRT DOE Test

CVRT Doe Test


When you work with a good CVRT DOE test centre, you will be guided through the entire process from beginning to end. However, you still might have some questions to ask, especially if you are approaching the expiry date of your vehicle’s CRW.

Rathcoole Commercial is a certified test centre that can handle your entire fleet of trucks and vans. Our staff are properly trained in the service and testing of both LCV and HCV vehicle types, so we are well placed to outline what’s involved at each step along the way.

You’re always welcome to give us a call. Our team will answer any query you have. In the meantime, we’ve put together this helpful guide on how to stay on top of your vehicle’s CVRT DOE test. We’ve made sure to cover plenty of basics, which are invaluable when it comes to ensuring your vehicles pass every time. But you’ll find one or two things you haven’t heard before.

1. Make sure to get your CVRT DOE test done on time

The Road Safety Authority make sure that tests are conducted to the highest consistent standard across all of Ireland. It’s this attention to detail that enables countless centres to confirm that every commercial vehicle in the country is safe to be driven.

However, it also means that the rules involved can be quite strict. It is very important to get your trucks and vans tested on time, not only because it means that they’ll be roadworthy, but also because it will guarantee that your CRW will last for the full twelve months of the year.

If for some reason you miss your CVRT DOE test date, you’ll have to pay for multiple tests within a shorter time span, your vehicle will be less safe to drive, and the possibility of a costly breakdown will be dramatically increased.

2. Why you CRW might be for less than 1 Year

Though you might already be aware that it is necessary to get your trucks and vans to their CVRT DOE test on time, you could still be confused about why the CRW you’ve been issued with is for less than a year.

It is likely that if you have just bought the vehicle, it did not have a valid CRW at the time of the test. Likewise, you should make sure that when you purchase a second-hand truck or van that it has a valid CRW and that it is not overdue.

If not, you might be surprised that your vehicle has to undergo tests that are within weeks or even days of each other. This can obviously be extremely inconvenient and lump you with additional costs that you just don’t need.

3. Arranging your LCV and HCV CVRT DOE test

An LCV test covers light commercial vehicles such as vans and jeeps. You can organize your test by logging onto the online system at and choosing your test centre. If you’re not sure about the process, then you can get in contact with a member of our staff to guide you through it. (Just call 01-9695217)

An HCV test applies to heavier commercial vehicles such as trucks and busses. To book your test you will need to submit an annual ‘Self Declaration’ to the RSA. As well as that you will have to provide the following information:

Email Address.

Mobile phone number.

If you are a registered company with the Companies Registration Office Ireland you must provide your Company Registration Number.

If you are a sole trader, partnership or private individual, you must provide your PPSN and date of birth.

RTOL number and VIN/Chassis number of one of you HCV’s on that license.

When you book your CVRT DOE test in Rathcoole Commercial on, a member of our staff will confirm your booking either by email or by giving you a call.

4. How can I guarantee my truck or van will pass the test?

In general, your trucks and vans should get regular services from a good commercial vehicle service centre such as our own. This will help to ensure that they are always roadworthy and less likely to suffer breakdowns. However, it is often the case that vehicles that fail the CVRT DOE test have minor faults which their drivers could have taken care to avoid.

Before the test, you should:

Check that the engine is ready for testing – It should have a full supply of oil, coolant and AdBlue where required.

Make sure the windscreen wiper is in working order.

Clean out the truck or van cabin. Your vehicle should not contain rubbish or personal belongings. You should also make an extra effort to ensure the vehicle has been cleaned. (Inside and out).

Remove your hubcaps and check that the wheel nuts are secure.

Tyres should be properly inflated.

Make sure that each of your safety belts are visible and working correctly.

Finally, ensure that the registration plates are clean. They should be fully legible for the testers to read.

5. What you need to bring on the day of your CVRT DOE Test

There is no point putting in the effort of preparing for the test if you don’t remember to bring all of the required documents on the day – after all, the whole point of completing the test on schedule is to save yourself time and money. Some important items that you will need include:

ID, or more specifically, ID of the person who brings the vehicle for its test. A driving license or passport will do the trick.

The fee for the CVRT DOE test.

Any other documents that are relevant to the vehicle. For example, if you have any modification reports or Seat Belt Declaration forms then it is necessary to have these in hand on the day.

6. CVRT DOE test Dublin: how can I find a good test centre near me?

The booking forms on have a full listing of the CVRT DOE test centres near you, however, it’s important to find one that meets all of your needs.

A good test centre will be easy to get to, have friendly staff, plenty of space, as well as the ability to properly service your trucks and vans in time for their test date.

The Rathcoole Commercial CVRT DOE test centre has all of this, and, what’s more, we do it all with a smile: Contact our team to book your test today.