CVRT Check Information For First Time Owners Of Commercial Vehicles

first time owner

If you have never owned a commercial vehicle before, you may not be aware that there are certain rules and regulations you have to follow that do not apply to cars. These have to be adhered to very strictly or you could find your vehicle is impounded. Here is the information you may need about the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT) that you will not have come across with cars.


Which Vehicles Need a CVRT Check?

All commercial vehicles, buses with more than eight passenger seats, and ambulances have to undertake CVRT check once they reach 12 months old.


Why Do We Have CVRT Check?

The testing of commercial vehicles is to ensure they are safe to be on our roads. The test confirms the vehicles roadworthiness on the day of testing. It does not imply or confer any sort of warranty or guarantee.

It is meant as a preventative measure to help ensure that commercial vehicles are serviced and maintained in a safe condition. All commercial vehicle operators have a legal obligation to do this, and to carry out daily walk around inspections so they can spot anything that may be obviously wrong.

No commercial vehicle should be allowed on the roads if a problem is found, no matter how minor it might appear to be. Repairs should always be carried out before the vehicle is put back into use.


When Is My CVRT Check Due?

If you buy the vehicle from new the first test will be when it is one year old and then annually after that. If you buy a used commercial vehicle, as part of the paperwork you should be given the Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW), and this will have the due date on it. If there is no CRW, be very wary about purchasing the vehicle.

It is vital that you do not miss the date, as there can be penalties for being late. Also, if you are stopped in a roadside check and do not have a valid certificate, your vehicle can be taken off the road by the inspectors.

This could cause your business delays, so it really is wise to get your CVRT check done in plenty of time.


What Do We Need to Bring For A CVRT Check, Apart From The Vehicle?

Whoever takes the vehicle for its CVRT check needs to take identification with them. This could be their passport or driving license, but without ID the CRW will not be issued, even if the vehicle passes its test. You should also take any paperwork relating to the vehicle.


Is There More Than One Type Of CVRT check?

Yes there is. There is one set of tests for light commercial vehicles, the LCV, and another for heavy commercial vehicles, buses, and ambulances, the HCV. A light commercial vehicle is considered to be small goods vehicles with a gross weight of 3500kg or less. Anything over that weight, such as most buses and ambulances, are considered to be heavy commercial vehicles.


What Items Are Checked For On A CVRT Check?

The test centres can only examine things that are visible and accessible, and these include:

  • Wheel and tyres
  • Lights and markings, such as number plates
  • Brakes
  • Chassis and underbody
  • Windscreen, other glass and mirrors
  • Electrics
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Tachograph and speed limiter
  • Steering and suspension


How You Should Prepare The Vehicle

All personal belongings should be removed from the vehicle and it should be cleaned inside and out, including the underbody. Check your oil and water levels and make sure your windscreen washer fluid is topped up. Do not leave any tools or equipment in the vehicle. Remove the hubcaps and make sure the tyres are inflated to the correct level. Make sure all the seat belts are in proper working order. The temperature gauge should be showing as normal when you leave your vehicle at the test centre.

All of these things are necessary for the mechanics carrying out your CVRT check to be able to do so without a problem, and not doing any of them could result in a fail.


Is A Pre Test Inspection Worthwhile?

Many commercial vehicle owners opt for a pre test inspection so that any potential problems can be put right before the test day. This is because they want their vehicles to pass the CVRT check first time, and would rather know that any potential items that could cause a fail have been put right.


How To Book CVRT

Booking a CVRT check is simple, you can do it online or by phone. If you use the experts at Irelands largest CVRT test centre, Rathcoole Commercials, the whole process will be easy and straightforward.

As a dealer alternative garage, they are able to carry out any repairs and servicing without voiding your warranty, but at a lower cost than the main dealerships.


What Are The Penalties For No CVRT?

The penalties for not having a CRW because you have not had your CVRT check done are quite hefty, and certainly far more than the testing would cost you.  You are given 10 days to produce the CRW to a Garda station and if you don’t comply you can receive a penalty of up to 3000 euros, and there is also the possibility of three months in prison. On top of that there will be 5 penalty points added to your license.

The courts in Ireland are quite strict about this issue because of the damage that a faulty heavy goods vehicle could cause in an accident.


Do You Have Any More Questions About Your CVRT Check?

If there is anything you are unsure about and would like to discuss with our experts, call us at Rathcoole Commercials on 01 969 5217. You can email us at with any questions if you prefer, or you are very welcome to call in and have a chat at Grants Lane in Rathcoole.

It is vital that you comply with the laws on CVRT so don’t take any chances and get in touch with us today.