Expert Winter Advice for Commercial Trucks

Winter has arrived, both private and fleet operators should now have an awareness of considering how to keep their trucks in service during the following months. Consider your commercial truck tires and engine component, the vehicle requires service to protect it against damage. In this short blog, we aim to to enlighten you with our expert winter maintenance guide for your commercial trucks.

Driving With Commercial Trucks

The drivers are key to protecting commercial trucks. They can take the lead on the safe driving practices by following a few simple rules for effective vehicle operation:

  • Drive at a slower rate and follow winter reports
  • Look for black ice and be alert when negotiating bridges
  • Show intention to other road users in advance by use of correct lanes and use lights signals

Maintenance With Commercial Trucks

Ensure there’s enough air in your truck tires, check the windshield for signs cracks, maintenance is not to be over looked during the winter months. Be aware of the following and address:

  • Batteries are at full charge

Batteries are most at-risk of failure during the cooler weather when it requires greater power to start the truck. Check that the batteries are fully charged before long-haul trips. This process can minimize vehicle breakdowns and keep the truck in ideal condition.

  • Prevention

Working with an experienced company for truck maintenance can help you manage your fleet effectively for the months ahead. Our experts can help to guide you within this process to safeguard your trucks. To learn more about our services and the options available to your fleet this winter, call us today.