Changes To Testing That Make A Pre CVRT Check More Crucial

cvrt check

The CVRT, which used to be called the DOE test, was first introduced in Ireland in 1980. Since its introduction changes have been made to it on several occasions and now more changes are soon to come into effect. These changes to the rules should simplify the system, and will make a pre CVRT check more advisable so your commercial vehicle passes its test first time.

A Pass With Minor Problems

Currently a vehicle will be failed for minor deficiencies, and that is one of the changes. Where only minor problems are found, under the new rules the vehicle will not fail, but the pass certificate will not be given to the owners until they have shown the CVRT centre that the minor defects have been rectified. There will be no charge for this re-check.

The minor defects that do not create a fail in the future will be things like a bulb in one of the lights that needs replacing, headlamps incorrectly aligned, or unreadable number plates.

You could save yourself the hassle of having to take your vehicle back to the centre for a second time by having a CVRT check before the test is carried out. This would identify any of the items where rectification might be needed. The largest CVRT Ireland test centre is Rathcoole Commercial, where carrying out a CVRT check before a test is not unusual, as it can save down time for your vehicles, saving you the loss of income and inconvenience it causes your business.

Vintage Vehicles

Currently, older vehicles that come within the scope of the CVRT have to be tested annually no matter what they are being used for. Under the new rules:

  • If your vehicle was registered before 1980 and is not being used for commercial purposes, it will be exempt from the CVRT.
  • Based on its date of first registration, if your vehicle is 30-39 years old and is not being used commercially the test frequency will be increased to two years.

It’s important to note that in both these cases you will be required to sign a declaration at your CVRT centre confirming the vehicle is not used for commercial use.

No matter what the age of the vehicle, if it’s being used for any type of commercial venture it will need to pass a CVRT annually, and this is where a CVRT check could help. If you have a bus that you hire out and it fails its CVRT test the day before it’s due to be hired out, you could have a big problem. With a CVRT check carried out before the test the situation should be avoided.

Vehicles That Have Been Converted Or Imported

Any vehicle that has been converted will be due its CVRT on the anniversary of the date of its conversion, not of the previous CVRT. The same will apply to imported vehicles, the test will be due on the anniversary of the date it was first registered in Ireland, not the date of the first CVRT.

This is slightly different if the vehicle you import is less than 1 year old, when the CVRT date will fall in line with when the vehicle was first registered in its country of origin.

The EU directive requires member states to recognise valid roadworthiness certificates issued in other EU member states. This means that if you import a used commercial vehicle that still has time left on the certificate, you can apply to the RSA to have the remaining portion recognised.

Changes To The Certificates

The format of the certificate of roadworthiness will be changed to comply with the new EU standard layout required in all EU member states.

Fast Tractors

It is not expected that many tractors will come within the scope of testing requirements, but if they are designed to travel at more than 40km per hour, or are being used on public roads for commercial road haulage purposes, they will need a CVRT.

Don’t Get Caught Out

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) carries out roadworthiness checks at the roadside, and last year inspected over 15,000 vehicles. More than 200 of them did not have a current CVRT certificate, but a bigger concern was the number of buses, over 600, that were found to have defects, a third of which were major or dangerous. This has prompted them to expand their efforts to the school bus sector.

They are also proposing a one-year cut in the cost of a CVRT test to see if that helps raise the compliance rates. The number of vehicles being tested as and when they should be is rising, but in some sectors it’s still less than 60 percent.


Is It Time To Arrange Your CVRT Check?

A CVRT check makes so much sense if you want your vehicles off the road for as little time as possible. A vehicle that fails its test on major issues could be off the road for a while, costing your business money.

At Rathcoole Commercial we can carry out a CVRT check and put right any issues that need correcting for your lorries, vans, buses, or other commercial vehicles to be given their certificate of roadworthiness.

As Irelands largest CVRT test centre, and a dealer alternative garage, you can be assured of a top quality service every visit, whether that is for your regular maintenance or your CVRT test.

If you have any concerns about your vehicles, would like advice on how the new rules might affect you or want to book your vehicle in for repairs, maintenance or testing then give us a call on 01 969 5217 and we will be pleased to help. Alternatively, you could email us on and we will get in touch and answer your queries as soon as possible.

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