Truck Service Basics: 7 Things You Need to Know

truck service basics

To ensure your business operates at peak efficiency, it’s important to keep your trucks and vans running at their best all year round. You need to stay on top of little problems because even in newer commercial vehicles issues with brakes, lighting and electrics can take your vehicles off the road for days at a time.

On top of this, if your vehicles aren’t up to scratch for their CVRT, you’ll find that money is lost on repeat exams.

A trusted garage is a must have, but if you’ve had a difficult time finding one, you might want to know some truck service basics to keep an eye out for. Our staff are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, so we’ve put together this helpful list on how to find a commercial vehicle garage that’s right for you.

7 Truck Service Basics You Need to Know

1. Find a garage that does it all

When you want to get a number of trucks and vans serviced, a lot of the time it will be so that they’re prepared for the CVRT.

As we mentioned above, failing the test can lead to unwanted delays in getting your vehicles back on the road. This can be a major hassle for any business, but especially smaller ones that just don’t have the resources to deal with unexpected delays.

As such, the best place to get your fleet prepped is in a garage that can handle both servicing and the actual CVRT. That way, the people who’ll be maintaining your vehicles know exactly what it will take to pass the test every single time.

2. Communication is key

Good communication with the mechanics who work on your vehicles during their CVRT is a huge help when it comes to keeping them maintained, however, it’s not something that you can expect from every garage.

Some places might leave you stuck in a waiting room far away from the mechanics just so they can get on with their day, then when you have a chance to talk about your CVRT results, you’ll be rushed through the process. If your vehicles have to repeat the test, this can make passing it even more difficult.

Experienced mechanics know what you need to be aware of. A CVRT centres staff should be happy to talk about what needs to be done so your vehicles get the best service possible. It’s why we make sure our team has time to engage with our customers every day.

3. Consider a dealer alternative garage

Many companies stick with their official dealers because they think that dealer alternative garages will void their warranties.

This is just not true.

So long as a garage is using the right parts, not only will your vehicle warranties be safe, you’ll also discover that you can get a much better quality of service at a competitive cost. This means there are potentially huge savings to be made for businesses both small and large.

What’s more, there will be absolutely no negatives when you follow the truck service basics to find a garage you know you can trust.

4. Properly outfitted premises

By law, a CVRT centre must have the facilities and space for a truck to enter one side of the garage and exit through the other. As such, there is no need for a large commercial vehicle to reverse and cause delays on the surrounding roads.

However, since this law only applies to CVRT test centres, not every garage has the ability to deal with large fleets of commercial vehicles.

An important truck service basics tip to remember is that if you’re looking to get a commercial vehicle serviced, you should search for a garage that is based in an area with good roads and decent parking. This will make it easy to access and indicate that they can deal with large amounts of commercial vehicles in an efficient manner.

5. Look for a convenient location

Here’s a simple truck service basics tip to keep in mind: The location of your service centre.

When most people are asked why they frequent a particular garage, it’s usually because they’ve been going there for a number of years and aren’t willing to take the risk of trying somewhere new. But it’s important to remember that just because you’ve been able to prevent your trucks and vans from breaking down, it doesn’t mean you’re getting the best service possible.

When you put in a little extra effort and consider the truck service basics, you’ll discover there are much better options a lot closer to home.

6. Truck service basics: Good opening hours

There’s no point finding a good garage for your trucks and vans if it’s not open at a time that doesn’t interfere with your day to day business.

A professional garage that’s experienced with commercial vehicles will be available to service your fleet at hours that make it convenient for you to travel to and from the facility.

What’s more, a great truck service basics tip is to find a service centre that gives you plenty of options when it comes to booking your trucks in. It’s something we’ve found makes a huge difference for our customers.

7. Friendly staff and proper waiting room facilities

The staff at Rathcoole Commercial are friendly, always happy to talk, and will provide you with a comfortable waiting room area where you can read the newspaper and grab a nice cup of tea. Not only that, we have everything else on the truck service basics list covered, including a large premises with cutting-edge technology, experienced mechanics, and long list of satisfied customers who can tell you all about the quality of our work.

When you want to get your trucks or vans serviced in Dublin, make sure to look for these truck service basics, and don’t forget to drop us a message or pick up the phone and give us a call.