7 Top Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle Safe On The Roads

vehicle safety

Your commercial vehicles need to be kept in a roadworthy condition so they are safe to operate, and do not cause an accident or suffer a breakdown because of a malfunction. You need them to be reliable as every hour a truck, bus, or van is off the road it’s costing you money, and reliability is good for customer satisfaction. You also need them to be compliant with all the rules and regulations relating to commercial vehicles.

 Procedures should be in place to make sure your vehicles are up to standard, and our tips might help you to achieve that.


1 – Make Someone Responsible For Roadworthiness

Making someone responsible for the roadworthiness of your vehicles is never a bad idea. If drivers have a mechanical problem, they want to know when to take the truck to the CVRT test centre, or even if their lights aren’t working, they need to know the best person to approach. This can speed up the time taken for repairs to be dealt with, and mean your vehicles are back on the road quickly.

Whoever you appointed as the responsible person should be provided with adequate training to enable them to carry out this important task properly. If you are a licensed haulier or bus operator, the designated transport manager should hold a Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport Operations Management.


2 – Daily Walk Around Examinations By Drivers

Drivers have to bear some responsibility for the safety of your vehicles. After all, they are likely to know sooner than anyone if there is a problem. Before even taking their truck or bus out on the roads, they should do a walk around examination, and test obvious things. This involves making sure the tyres are within legal limits, the lights are all working correctly, there are no problems with the brakes or steering, and generally there is nothing obviously apparent that will cause difficulties while they are out on the road.

Anyone found to be driving a commercial vehicle with obvious faults leaves themselves open to prosecution and penalty points on their licence. It is in your driver’s own interests to perform a daily walk around examination.


3 – Have A Regular Maintenance Program

Regularly maintaining your vehicle has several benefits. It can help to reduce operating costs due to fewer breakdowns, and improves fuel consumption. A well-maintained vehicle will have a higher residual value, and your vehicles are less likely to have problems at roadside checks. A vehicle kept in good order will be safer for the driver, for any passengers, and for other road users.

Regular and planned maintenance will mean fewer problems when it is time for the vehicle to go to the CVRT test centre, as it will always meet the minimum requirements of the law. Owners who are found to be negligent in their commercial vehicle maintenance can be prosecuted, and possibly even fined or sent to prison.


4 – Plan Your Commercial Vehicle Maintenance

Having a plan for your commercial vehicle maintenance can save time and money. If everything is laid down in black and white, when services should be carried out, when a visit to the CVRT test centre is needed, and when the next maintenance check is due, it will make the job simpler for the person responsible for the roadworthiness of your vehicles, and it will reduce the possibility of any mistakes being made.


5 – Fix Defects. Don’t Wait Until It Is At The CVRT Test Centre

Fix any defects as soon as possible, don’t wait till the truck is in the best CVRT test centre Dublin has and have it fail. Apart from failing the test, if defects are not put right, you could be putting your drivers and other road users at risk. It also makes sense to fix defects quickly, as an unrepaired problem can cause other damage, and in the long run this could end up costing you more money.

If the driver identifies a problem on their daily walk around, it should be fixed before they are allowed to take the vehicle onto the roads.


6 – Don’t Miss Your Date With The CVRT Test Centre

Every commercial vehicle over twelve months old should have a Certificate of Roadworthiness. It is important you do not miss your date at the CVRT test centre, as the fines and penalties can be quite severe. You could be fined up to 3000 euros, be sent to prison for up to three months, and have 5 penalty points put on your licence.

If your vehicles have been regularly maintained and well looked after, passing your CVRT should not be a problem.


7 – Record Every Detail

Records of maintenance, when the vehicles was last in the CVRT test centre, when it last had new tyres or needed new brakes, can be vital proof your company has done all it should to keep your trucks, vans, buses, or other commercial vehicles roadworthy.

With use, all vehicles and trailers will deteriorate, and parts will become worn. Having an effective maintenance program can reduce the amount of times this happens, and in an accident situation your records will prove you did all you could.


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