5 things you should look for in a CVRT test centre

What is a CVRT test? The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) is a road worthiness test for all commercial vehicles over one year old, and that are tested annually after that.  This test checks if the vehicle satisfies basic safety requirement standards.  The CVRT test centre will test what is visible and accessible on the day.


1. Premises meets the guidelines

The premises design and build of a CVRT test centre needs to comply with all the guidelines of the Vehicle Testing Regulations.  (read more).

2. Test Facilities meets the guidelines

The CVRT test centre needs to meet the relevant Acts, Regulations, Bye-laws, Health, Safety and Welfare requirements, Health and Safety at Work Requirements.  (read more).

3. The Right Inspection Equipment for the Vehicle

The CVRT test centre needs to do a thorough check of your vehicle to the highest level of standards.  (read more).

4. Experienced & Helpful Staff

In addition to having good equipment, a CVRT test centre must also have an excellent team of staff to use the equipment and properly test your vehicle.  (read more).

5. Value for Money

Value for money is an essential ingredient for having a good experience when testing your vehicle.  At Rathcoole Commercial we can give you excellent value for money when doing a CVRT vehicle test.  We can do this as we are experts in our field, with all the right inspection equipment and can ensure the highest quality of testing, with a super team of friendly staff.

You can contact us today to book an appointment to get your vehicle checked at our CVRT test centre in Dublin.